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We are thrilled to announce the online publication of Acupuncture: An Overview of Scientific Evidence. This is a fully referenced overview of the evidence for acupuncture, a review of mechanisms and a comparison of this evidence in the context of modern healthcare. We address a key common criticism of acupuncture research and review the evidence for conventional medical treatments

Getting to the Point - Episode 1 "Children's Hospital of Orange County

Brought to you by the Acupuncture Now Foundation and award winning film maker Doug Dearth, this touching documentary chronicles the stories of two young boys diagnosed with brain cancer who were cared for at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in the city of Orange, California.

Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)

Find out more about Chinese medicine and acupuncture and what it means for us to part of this professional association.


The Acupuncture Evidence Project

A comparative literature review was carried out in 2017, a plain English summary is available below and the full version is also available via the AACMA website above.


British Acupuncture Council

Find out many interesting facts about acupuncture, but most importantly read up on the evidence that supports this ancient healing art.  An easy to navigate website where you can search by conditions, learn more about the disorders and read supporting evidence.


Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

Find out if your practitioner is registered or raise any concerns you have about a practitioner.


World Health Organisation (WHO) Official Position on Acupuncture (2003)

In 2003 the WHO published a report based on clinical trials (prior to 1999) researching the effectiveness of acupuncture. 

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